Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anyone for Frisbee?

I saw this flying disc/frisbee at a chain store selling for $14.99 and I thought to myself  "I can make one of those"; so I did.

It flies really well!

The pattern is the same as the first several rows of the beer hat pattern (the one I made is 5.5 inches around); I am going to try to make a bigger one next time. I made it one row bigger than I wanted then I folded over the last row and sewed it (this makes it fly better).

The great thing about this is no one gets hurt when playing with it and you can play with it in the house or in water (I used 100% cotton yarn). When you get done playing, just fold it up and slip it in your pocket to take home. It was inexpensive to make and can be enjoyed by all!

I plan to make them in lots of different colors and sell them at local craft fairs. Enjoy!

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